Director - Alliance for Progress Charter School
Position: Director
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Director of Student Supports (SPED)
Job Location: Alliance for Progress Charter School
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Alliance for Progress Charter School
Philadelphia, PA 19121
Telephone: 215-232-4892
Job Description:
Special Education Operations
  1. Establish and communicate a division-wide philosophy of least restrictive environment for serving special needs students
  2. Direct special education services for all students with disabilities and ensure that students have access to the school curriculum.
  3. Assume responsibility for Child Find activities including the coordination of all schools’ referral activities and screenings
  4. Collaborate with Climate Leaders & School Counselor regarding the discipline of students with disabilities
  5. Facilitate and/or participate in all matters of dispute resolution with PDE and the Office for Civil Rights pertaining to students with disabilities; manage mediation and due process procedures.
  6. Provide accurate and timely data to PDE, PIMS, SCN and Omnivest for evaluating outcomes for students with disabilities.
  7. Oversee the allocation of special education staff to schools in accordance with the law and student needs
  8. Monitor compliance with School Board Policies and Regulations and work with the CEO/Principal to develop required policy changes.
  9. Renewal/Audit Information/Annual Report/5 Year Plan: Update information for state annually
  10. Maintain open lines of communication regarding special education with all interested parties; respond to concerns of parents, teachers, school leaders and community members.
  11. Maintain accurate database and files of former and current students served in special education.
  12. Maintain a permanent inventory of equipment available to students with disabilities and materials purchased by the school for special education.
  13. Prepare reports and information for the school board
  14. Conduct ongoing needs assessments, collect and analyze data, use pertinent data to refine and improve student support operational functions and services; evaluate special education program initiatives.
  15. Advise on the design, furnishings, and equipment for special education classrooms and facilities.
  16. Serve as the school division’s liaison in all matters concerning special education
  17. Oversee the AFPCS Extended School Year (ESY) programs.
    Teacher Observations/Evaluations
  18. Provide teachers with weekly feedback via the Quick Visits template and individual meetings
  19. Complete all special education teacher observations/evaluations in collaboration with the CEO/Principal
  20. Conduct post- conferences to follow each observation
    Teacher Support
  21. Model lessons, team-teach with colleagues, develop and support the implementation of curriculum content and delivery as needed
  22. Create Individual Growth Plans for teachers as needed and fulfill all responsibilities as outlined on the IGP
  23. Review lesson plans and provide written feedback
  24. Review gradebooks for compliance with AFPCS grading guidelines.
  25. Provide samples and coordinates mentor/peer/coach support for teachers who struggle with implementing effective instruction
    Professional Development
  26. Collaborate with team members to develop a PD plan for all developments according to staff needs and schedule presenters as needed
  27. Prepare and present various sessions/workshops to give individualized PD to the staff
  28. Plan, implement and facilitate professional development/in-services for school staff assigned the responsibility of delivering and overseeing the special education services/process in their buildings.
  29. Review federal and state legislation/regulations related to special education; identify and share the impact of changes on the school
  30. Facilitate research regarding trends and best practices to support appropriate recommendations for student success through rigorous, innovative, and technological programming
  31. Engage all new staff members in effective induction procedures and facilitate continued professional development through ongoing training opportunities
Assessment Responsibilities
  1. Monitor the development and implementation of all aspects of the special education program process
  2. Analyze student data to identify student needs and provide feedback and mentorship to teachers and students in these areas through the school-wide MTSS model
IEP/Progress & Trimester Report Cards
  1. Guide the development and implementation of long-range and short-range plans for achieving special education goals and objectives
  2. Monitor student progress as it pertains to tutoring, intervention, retention and summer school to ensure all students are receiving the necessary support to achieve academic success

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.