School Counselor - Laboratory Charter School
Position: School Counselor
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Guidance Counselor
Job Location: The Laboratory Charter School
Beginning: Immediately
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Laboratory Charter School
Philadelphia, PA 19131
Telephone: 215-452-5580 EXT 315
Job Description:
Job Summary
Plans and teaches guidance lessons, following the scope and sequence far all lessons. Provides
instruction to students in a variety of planned courses. Provides the use of real life applications and
simulations to instruct students in the analysis and interpretation of material being presented. Instructs the use of tools, materials, processes and applications of technology, including pertinent software applications, in the development of lessons. Uses formal and informal classroom and LEA assessments.
Essential Functions
- Implements and oversees a school guidance program that provides students with a safe and non-
judgmental way to voice their concern or worries.
- Assist school administrators and educators with planning and carrying out school related
programs and events.
- Observes and analyzes student performance in the classroom to provide guidance and identify
potential problems.
- Build a positive professional relationship with students in order to better serve their needs.
- Assist students with developing academic plans in accordance with their skills, talents, and
- Work collaboratively with all school staff, parents, and the community to best serve students.
- Facilitate guidance sessions, crisis intervention programs, and community support for students.
- Communicates with teachers, parents, students, and administrators on an ongoing basis about
behavioral and academic issues.
- Assesses the skill level of students and aligns classroom goals and activities to establish state
and local standards.
- Provides instruction in respective subject area.
- Provides students with instruction emphasizing real life applications and simulations.
- Teaches inquiry techniques that encourage experimentation and alternative approaches to
problem solving.
- Provides technical expertise in the use of tools, materials, processes and applications of
Technology, including pertinent software applications.
- Provides students with learning experiences requiring them to demonstrate comprehension of
concepts and the ability to use technological resources in developing solutions to problems.
- Provides instruction that encourages students to use learned skills as tools for inquiry-based
- Creates a classroom environment in which students have access to subject-related materials that
address their needs and interests.
- Collaborates with staff members within and across disciplines to integrate subject-specific skills
across the curriculum.
- Keeps abreast of the latest developments and improvements in education as it affects the
instructional program; attends faculty meetings to discuss school problems and teaching
- Maintains classroom discipline.
- Maintains attendance, grade and other required records.
Minimum Requirements
- Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university, Master's degree preferred
Valid Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Instructional Certificate in school guidance. and endorsements in respective subject area.
Knowledge, Skills and Abilities
Demonstrated knowledge of:
- The principles, practices and methods of guidance education.
- Guidance-specific expertise.
- The contents, materials, methodologies and practices utilized within education at the respective
school guidance.
- Critical thinking methodologies and problem solving techniques.
- The theories and principles of child growth and development.
- State standards and performance levels.
- The use and application of technological innovations, including pertinent software, in the
development of solutions to learning problems.
- Authentic performance assessment principles.
Demonstrated ability to:
- Assess students' needs and learning styles and to design appropriate differentiated programming
to meet their needs.
- Use and apply simulations and technological innovations in the classroom in pursuit of guidance
and instructional strategies.
- Facilitate inquiry-based learning as Well as whole class, small group and individual guidance
instruction, driven by student needs.
- Communicate effectively, both orally and in writing.
- Establish and maintain effective working relationships with faculty, administrators, supportive
staff, parents, and students.

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