Transportation Position - Centennial SD
Position: Transportation Position
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Bus Driver
Job Location: Centennial School District
Beginning: Jul 05, 2022
Deadline: Open until filled **
District: Centennial SD
Warminster, PA 18974
Telephone: 215-441-6000
Job Description:
Bus Drivers
Centennial S D
J  o  b    D  e  s  c  r  i  p  t  i  o  n
Title:Bus Drivers - Centennial S D
Terms of Employment:180 / 191 / 200 Days
Employee Group:Support / Compensation Agreement
Last Edited On:6/21/2022 10:17:56 AM
Entity:Centennial S D
Department:Assigned Department per Organizational Chart
Reports To:Assigned Administrator
The bus driver has the responsibility of training drivers and aides; assisting with developing routes and evaluating route efficiency; promoting high safety standards; ensuring all child restraints are used properly; assist with assigning coverage and maintaining the department schedule; communicating driver and aide performance to the Supervisor and/or Coordinator of Transportation. The individual must possess the managerial abilities necessary to independently train drivers and aides, as well as interact with supervisors, school districts and outside contractors. Provides for the safe, efficient, and orderly transportation of
Safely drives a school bus to pick up children at various locations and transports them to and from school according to a prescribed route and an assigned schedule. Provides transportation for field trips and other school sponsored activities as assigned.
Adheres to safety rules when loading and unloading children. Properly assists students with disabilities or other students in need of assistance to ensure that they are safely helped on and off the vehicle. Ensures students’ medical equipment and wheelchairs are properly handled and secured. Assists students in and out of car seats when necessary.
Complies with federal, state, local and district laws, regulations and policies applicable to this position. Follows all posted speed limits and safe driving practices.
Maintains discipline using appropriate techniques. Reports student misconduct to the proper authority. Maintains confidentiality with all District information, including District and school population information.
Maintains an up-to-date route schedule, student roster, student counts and mileage reports at all times. Both the route schedule and student roster must be kept in the vehicle while it is being operated. Keeps an up-to-date emergency information sheet for each student in the vehicle while it is being operated. Timely submits any required documentation or reports which may include the number of passengers or trips, hours worked, mileage, fuel consumption, or fares received.
Transports only authorized passengers and discharges passengers only at authorized stops. Physically checks bus at end of route to ensure no children remain in the vehicle.
Maintains a good relationship with students, their parents/guardians, bus aides and monitors and district transportation personnel.  Exercises responsible leadership when working with students.
Regularly inspects and provides proper care of vehicle, reporting necessary repair and preventative maintenance, tire replacement, light replacement, etc. and keeping wear and expenses to a minimum; keeps the interior and exterior of bus clean at all times by washing or polishing as needed. Installs chains on bus when weather conditions warrant this.
Observes all mandatory safety regulations for school buses; immediately reports malfunctioning of equipment while in route to and from school to designated personnel Reports lateness due to mechanical failure or other reasons to the proper authority.
Reports any accident, regardless of how minor, with complete information as to the type of accident and necessary details, including the names of all pupils riding on the bus at the time of the accident.
Enforces regulations against smoking and eating on the bus.
Attends training for school bus drivers as directed and as required by law. Maintains all required credentials and complies with all legal requirements to perform as a school bus driver. As directed, conducts required school bus evacuation and other safety drills.  Carries required documentation at all times when performing this work, including a valid CDL license with an “S” endorsement, a valid school bus endorsement card and a valid physician’s certificate.
Maintains knowledge of first-aid procedures.

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