Teacher Aide - Abington SD
Position: Teacher Aide
Subject Area: (none)
Job Title: Paraprofessional(s)
Job Location: Abington School District
Beginning: Sep 23, 2019
Deadline: Nov 22, 2019**
District: Abington SD
Abington, PA 19001
Telephone: 215-881-2509
Job Description:
Abington, Pennsylvania


POSITION:                                        Special Education Paraprofessional

IMMEDIATE SUPERVISOR:         Building Principal

CLASSIFICATION:                         Paraprofessional II

POSITION SUMMARY:                  The Special Education Paraprofessional is responsible for assisting the classroom teacher with the provision of appropriate educational services to students with disabilities, Life Skills and Autistic, in the least restrictive educational setting.
  1. Assist with the individual and group instruction of students with disabilities including, but not limited to functional (e.g., toileting, cleaning, changing clothes) and academic (e.g., readiness, reading, math) competencies under the supervision of the assigned teacher.
  1. Provide assistance to students in the following activities: supplementary work, independent study, individualized programmed materials, lunch duty, recess, busing, and behavioral control and positioning, and with students with specific physical needs (e.g., climbing stairs, ambulation around classroom and/or school, etc.) when needed.
  1. Assist the teacher in observing, recording and charting student behavior; assist with reinforcing the concepts that have been introduced by the teacher; operate a variety of audio-visual equipment, program learning aides, and office equipment.
  1. Direct students into safe learning activities and functions and assist in the shaping of appropriate social behaviors.
  1. Assist teacher in the preparation of a variety of instructional materials and learning aids.
  1. Must have an awareness of student behavior and the ability to assist teachers in implementing instruction and/or providing remediation.
  1. Must have excellent communication skills and the ability to interact with teachers, parents and students.
  1. Must have the ability to manage student behaviors.
  1. Must have the ability to perform routine clerical tasks and operate a variety of educational and office related machines and equipment.
  1. Must have experience with special needs children.
  1. Must be flexible to assume new duties as needed.
  1. Must complete 20 hours of professional development annually.
  1. Must be able to stoop, bend, and/or crawl and to lift at least 50 pounds, and assist in lifting up to 150 pounds.
  1. Must be able to climb stairs.
  1. Must be able to type on a computer keyboard.
  1. Must be able to utilize the telephone.
  1. High School diploma or equivalent preferred.
  1. One year of paid or volunteer experience working with children of various age levels requiring a specialized learning environment.
  1. As of June, 2010, must have a minimum of 48 college credits, an associate degree or a certificate of competency from Pennsylvania Department of Education.

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
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