Classroom Teacher - Executive Education Academy Charter School
Position: Classroom Teacher
Subject Area: English as a Second Language (ESL)
Job Title: ESL Teacher
Beginning: Mar 01, 2023
Deadline: Oct 30, 2023**
Certificate: English as a Second Language Program Specialist
Certificate: Spanish K-12
District: Executive Education Academy Charter School
Allentown, PA 18109
Telephone: 610-841-7044
Job Description:

REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s Degree; Pennsylvania teaching certification in appropriate field, where required by law. Required background certifications and proof of U.S. citizenship or legal resident alien status.

GENERAL DESCRIPTION: To plan, organize and implement an appropriate instructional program in a learning environment that guides and encourages students to develop and fulfill their academic potential. To comply with and support Executive Education Academy Charter School’s Mission: To implement the EEACS business academy and business education model, that engages students in the school community, prevents them from dropping out of school, fosters self resiliency, and prepares them to be contributing members in the workplace, college and community.

ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The Teacher’s responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:
  • ?  Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities that facilitate consistent, active learning experiences
  • ?  Develop challenging schemes of work and lesson plans
  • ?  Establish and communicate clear objectives for all learning activities
  • ?  Prepare classroom daily for class activities
  • ?  Provide a variety of learning materials and resources for use in educational activities
  • ?  Identify and select different instructional resources and methods to meet students' varying needs
  • ?  Accurately record and maintain daily attendance in accord with prescribed policy, time and format
  • ?  Instruct and monitor students in the correct use of learning materials and equipment
  • ?  Use relevant technology to reinforce and support instruction
  • ?  Observe and evaluate each student's performance and development
  • ?  Assign, administer and promptly grade class work, homework, tests and assignments
  • ?  Provide appropriate feedback on student work habits and products
  • ?  Encourage and monitor the progress of individual students
  • ?  Maintain accurate and complete records of students' progress and development
  • ?  Update all necessary records accurately and completely as required by law and school policies and regulations
  • ?  Prepare required reports on students and activities
  • ?  Manage student behavior in the classroom by establishing and enforcing rules and procedures
  • ?  Maintain discipline in accordance with the rules and disciplinary systems of the school
  • ?  Apply appropriate disciplinary measures where necessary
  • ?  Perform certain pastoral duties including student support, counseling students with academic problems and providing student encouragement
  • ?  Participate in and/or support extracurricular activities such as social activities, sporting activities, clubs and student organizations
  • ?  Participate in school/team meetings and parent/guardian meetings
  • ?  Comply with and follow specially designed instruction in student’s IEPs
  • ?  Communicate necessary information regularly to students, colleagues and parents regarding student progress and student needs
  • ?  Keep updated with developments in subject area, teaching resources and methods and make relevant changes to instructional plans and activities
  • ?  Plan and facilitate assigned professional development for staff and teachers
  • ?  Perform other related duties as required and assigned
  • ?  Bachelors degree or higher, as required, from an accredited institution
  • ?  Meet professional teacher education requirements of state and school
  • ?  Single subject teaching credential or certification if teaching a specialized subject
  • ?  State certification
  • ?  Relevant teaching experience
  • ?  Knowledge of relevant technology
  • ?  Self motivation
  • ?  High energy level
  • ?  Verbal and written communication skills
  • ?  Attention to detail
  • ?  High work standards
  • ?  Problem solving
  • ?  Decision making
  • ?  Organizing and planning
  • ?  Learning orientation
  • ?  Critical thinking
  • ?  Stress tolerance
  • ?  Flexibility and adaptability
  • ?  Initiative

** District reserves the right to close any Job Posting when a suitable applicant has been found before the deadline date.
**** REAP Applicants: If you want to notify the school district of your interest in this job, click here.